The unexpected face of the Divine Feminine

After three years at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, I finally understand the moral imperative–women’s voices must lead.

When Hillary Clinton addressed the assembly of women, I saw in her the opportunity for women’s issues to take center stage.

When I returned home to Vermont, however, I began to hear more and more about Bernie.

At first it seemed wishful thinking, then a rumor, but finally there was to be an official announcement.

I went to see for myself.

Kelly Salasin, 2015
Kelly Salasin, 2015

There, in Burlington, on the waterfront–which he set aside for the people when he was Mayor of that town–I saw what I hoped I wouldn’t see…

Her welcoming and demanding presence in a balding, shouting white man.

It’s just like Her to be so surprising.


Later, when Senator Sanders addressed  Liberty University, a private, non-profit Christian academic community founded by Jerry Falwell, I was certain.

He is She.

Even more tickling was the introduction provided by Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Christ affirming His presence in Bernie’s voice too.

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