The unexpected face of the Divine Feminine

After three years at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, I finally understand it as a moral imperative–women’s voices must lead.

When Hillary Clinton addressed the assembly of women from around the world, I saw in her the opportunity for women’s issues to take center stage.

When I returned home to Vermont, however, I began to hear more and more about Bernie.

At first it seemed wishful thinking, then a rumor, but finally there was to be an official announcement.

I went to see for myself.

Kelly Salasin, 2015
Kelly Salasin, 2015

There, in Burlington, on the waterfront–which he set aside for the people when he was Mayor there–I saw what I hoped I wouldn’t see…

Her welcoming and demanding presence in a balding, shouting white man.

It’s just like Her to be so surprising.


Later, when Senator Sanders addressed  Liberty University, a private, non-profit Christian academic community founded by Jerry Falwell, I was certain.

He is She.

Even more tickling was the introduction provided by Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Christ affirming His presence in Bernie’s voice too.


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