Anti-Abortion AND Pro-Choice

In support of Planned Parenthood and of the feminine capacity to hold “both/and”

Two Owls Calling

“Fighting against the world that we don’t want is a critical first step, but fighting for the world that we do want is where liberation truly begins.”
Courtney Martin

imagesI can’t recall when I became “Pro-Choice.” Maybe it was by default. When I “chose” to have an abortion, 2 of them, two-months apart from each other, at the ripe age of sixteen. (Though I know others who made the same “choice” and who are equally “Pro-Life.”)

I never gave abortion much thought; not politically speaking. It was a personal, desperate, practical act; that I knew was wrong, inside, but I grasped at it anyway.

Afterward, when I became more conscious of politics, I didn’t feel I had any right to say no to abortion, no matter how I felt.

I did do my best to help other young women avoid that choice, by providing all I’d learned about birth…

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