there’ll come a day…

at a weekend workshop entitled, Stories We Carry, author Dani Shapiro invited us to address a letter to our 16 year old selves…  (no doubt my words were shaped by my recent participation in a rally for Planned Parenthood)

294941_383961775054472_1570757202_ndear sweet 16,

right now you feel alone, separated, ashamed, sullied,
even criminal…

that’s okay
feel into that
then let it go…

and even if you can’t, that’s okay too

there will come a time
though you can’t imagine it now

there’ll come a day
though you don’t know it now

when you suddenly understand that you were not alone…
that other kind, considerate women shared your choice
women before you, and after you, and alongside you
just waiting for your hand

this choice belongs to women
between a woman and her child

it is part of Mothering,
Not apart

Know that you
will be
a wonderful mother,
when it’s time…


ps. your son singing you forth…

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