The feminine, thriving in communion…


I’ve long needed support in birthing this next part of my journey, but I’ve been reluctant. Self-sufficient. Private.

More than a month ago, I challenged myself to write a description for an assistant. I don’t need to act on this, I coaxed myself. I just need to conceive of it. And see how it feels.

But I resisted.
(Who am I to have an assistant?)

Then a client asked about a class, and the next thing I knew she was marketing for it; and suddenly my hidden longing for help had been fulfilled, almost effortlessly.

I realized then that what I wanted was not one, but more than a half-dozen assistants, and so I mustered the courage to spontaneously share this radical invitation in a small, intimate, friendly Facebook group.

Now, I’m ready to take a leap into the big, bad world of judgement and refusal and mockery.

Facing my demons is the only way to play.

7 Assistants Needed:

1. Home/house/familylife/garden assistant: any one or all of those areas together: (Meet once a month (or more often in the garden)–in person.

2. Writing project assistant or buddy. (Meet weekly or bi-weekly–virtual or in person.)

3. Visionary assistant or buddy. (Meet once a month–virtual or in person.)

4. Writing marketing assistant. (% of sales in addition to barter–virtual or in person.)

5. Class development assistant (in exchange for free session–in person.)

6. Workshop/retreat development assistant (in exchange for free participation–virtual or in person.)

7. Wellness coach or buddy. (Meet once or twice a week–in person.)

Here’s what I have to offer in exchange:

~Private yoga or yoga session
~Budget coaching
~Family chore system development, application & assessment
~Platform consulting/coaching
~Platform development & interface: websites, social media sites
~Content development; storytelling
~Chakra coaching: tackling issues/goals through the chakras
~Personal chakra soundtrack development for issues/goals
~Soundtracks for events
~Expressive writing coaching through the chakras
~Event management


Your thoughts, suggestions, questions WELCOME…
I need you. Maybe you need me too…


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