the other woman

a post from a facebook friend which deserved a holding space:

Heavy clouds hung overhead, holding with them a tension that mirrors the mood of the earth below.

I sat in traffic behind a woman who was pulled diagonally across two lanes (one for turning right, which I was, and one for straight or left hand turn).

I found myself scowling at first; she was on her phone and oblivious to her position, and seemingly everything else as well.

Then I found myself outright mocking her, holding my hand up, mimicking the phone to face; and shouting at her as if she could hear me.

I stopped short of beeping at her; I mean, this is VT after all…then I caught a glimpse of how ugly I looked in my rear view mirror.

Maybe she is receiving bad news…or having a hard day.

Or maybe the opposite- maybe her day has been quite fantastic, and she is distracted by how great life is.

What difference does it make?

Who among us have not been there…foolishly blocking the way, or oblivious to our errors?

When we have compassion for others, we unknowingly grant ourselves the same peace.

I hope your day is going well too.

Joanna Terry

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