A-Z: Places To Be Shot (with your friends & family) in the USA

face-with-open-mouth“Unimaginable,” says Orlando official.

Aa– Airport

Bb– Brokerage House, Buddhist Temple, Berry Patch

Cc– Community College, College Campus, Community Center, Church, Cafeteria, Car, Cafe, City Hall, Concert Hall, Co-operative, Commuter Train, Coffee Shop, Chapel

Dd– Day care, Dormitory, Defense Plant

Ee– Elementary School

Ff– Fort Hood

Gg– Grocery Store, Gas Station, General Motors

Hh– Highschool, Hair Salon, Home, Hunting

Ii– Investment Office, Immigration Center, International Law Firm, IHOP



Ll– Library

Mm– Movie Theater, Military Base, Municipal Center, Manufacturing Plant, McDonalds,

Nn– Navy Yard, Nursing Home, Nightclub

Oo– One Room Schoolhouse

Pp– Primary Classroom, Playground, Planned Parenthood, Private Party, Private Residence, Public Party, Prayer Service


Rr– Reservation, Restaurant, Recruiting Center, Rave

Ss– Shopping mall, Spa, Sidewalk, Streets of a Small Town

Tt– Temple, Trailer Park, Tribal Council Meeting

Uu– University

Ww – Workplace, Warehouse


Yy– Youth Center




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