Maybe if you played down the spiritual part.
Maybe if you cried instead of coming off so strong.
Maybe if you held in your stomach and smiled.
Maybe if you got some more sun.
Maybe if you’d shut up for just a minute.
Maybe if you waited for a better time.
Maybe if your hair was straight instead of curly.
Maybe if you put a little makeup on.
Maybe if you liked being a bridesmaid like the other girls.
Maybe if you took his name.
Maybe if you had longer legs.
Maybe if you focused less.
Maybe if you made more small talk.
Maybe if you weren’t so sure.
Maybe if you weren’t so serious.
Maybe if you could pretend that serving them was the same as doing what you loved.
Maybe if you tried to fit in.
Maybe if you cared more about what others think.
Maybe if you weren’t so eccentric.
Maybe if, like us, you forgot how special you are.
Maybe if you left out the dark parts.
Maybe if you didn’t remember so much, so well.
Maybe if you accepted Jesus.
Maybe if you paid attention instead of played.
Maybe if you watched closer.
Maybe if you’d find yet another way to earn an “A.”
Maybe if you made it into the house without slipping on the ice before you counted down to…


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