September Intercession

Fierce vision, November 6, 2016

How dare you!

You praise my bodily beauty, but deride my bodily function.
~The need to release waste.
~The life giving blood that nourishes the womb.
~The passage of time.

You build mansions on my curves, but let my waters go rancid.

You suckle at my breast, but refuse the nourishment of my words, my wisdom.

Take comfort, but not challenge.

Rely on my sentiment, while rejecting my soul.

You grab me by the pussy.
You kiss me.
You rate me.
You rape me.

I am woman. I am the land. I am the waters. I am the children. I am the grandmother.

You are #45. You are every man. You are all those who take the earth’s blessings without giving back.

Protect. Honor. Serve.


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