Woman, Know Thyself

I see #45 as a failure. Of women. Our failure to give witness to what it is to be a woman. Our failure to expect more from the men with whom we share our lives. At home. At work. In our communities. In our past. Our failure to know our value. To claim it. As separate from theirs. Separate from desire. From need. From dependency. To understand, fully, how a woman’s value is intimately intertwined with children and the planet, and thus with humanity as a whole. Our failure to know the stakes. To know how much we matter. Our failure to communicate that in every way we can. To ourselves. To each other. To ourselves. Our failure to live into this value. To lean into it. To uphold it. To be with it. Inside. To mourn. To release. To bow.



  1. Kelly–I just left a long comment on your blog which I don’t think went through. PLEASE make it easy for us to get back to you–what you’re saying is so very important.


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