Veterans Day-talking to sons about soldiers & war

a prayer for veterans

The Empty Nest Diary

Gonzales, detail,

“Why do they have to keep their eyes facing forward?” my son asks. We’re watching the film, Annapolis.

“They have to keep their focus,” I say, though what do I know of soldiers or navel academies?

My best guess is that the Mid-shipman is trying to see if he can provoke the plebes to react, testing their strength in the face of anger or fear.

I don’t typically share movies about soldiers with my sons, but we are heading to my father’s new home in Annapolis for Thanksgiving and I thought this DVD might lend a sense of place.

As a young teen, I lived on the army base at West Point. Soldiers ran in the woods behind my house in full fatigues with heavy packs and boots–in the heat of summer.

I saw the heads of plebes shaved in the courtyard outside the barracks when they…

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