Dear Brave Men,

This is for the men, the white men mostly, and no, probably not you–New Age Man, and probably not you–Hunter Man (and yes, I know you can be both of those at once.)

This is for those of you who have probably spent too much time playing video games & watching action flicks and too little time facing your own shit and even less time compassionately squaring down your past.

This is for those of you who insist on seeing the world like you did when you were little boys–good guys & bad guys—and who still imagine your own blockbuster moments even while (ever so ironically) demeaning the voices from Hollywood who “play” those parts because you don’t want to hear that it’s all make-believe.

This is for those of you who refuse to take the time to grow up, to truly see the complexities of the world–without giving up.

This is for those who aren’t courageous enough to admit the vulnerability of being human, the vulnerability of loving, the fierce vulnerability of bringing new life into this world–without hiding behind the illusion of power and control.

This is for those who are so scared that they think hardening the world around them will keep them safe.

This is for you.
It’s time.
It’s time to move beyond rainbows & unicorns idealizations of yourself and realize that you are not protecting anyone.

Look around.

Look at what is truly going down–in our schools, in our homes, in our country.

I dare you.

Be the man who is willing to cry. Who is willing to throw up his arms. Who is willing to listen. To learn.

Be the new age/hunter/video game/macho man or whatever man you are and be willing to do what is truly needed to care for those you love instead of being the star of the show.

#NeverAgain #meTOO #TakeaKnee


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