Sleepless Nation

photo: John Aravosis

I went to sleep in deep despair as a citizen, but also as a menopausal woman, facing yet another sticky night, in a body no longer able to regulate temperature.

Somehow I woke almost happy, almost rested–a first in weeks.

During the night, I experienced a breakthrough, not in the body politic, but in my own aged body, turning as it did like a rotisserie each time the flame between it and the bed grew too high, thereby avoiding the night drenching that has plagued me since spring.

There is so much wisdom in the body, like the way mine, just ahead of menopause, fell  in love with Tulsi Rose tea, without knowing how favorably indicated it was for women my age, and without any previous taste for that herb or that flower.

There must be a similar wisdom in the body politic that seeks expression. May our lawmakers and citizens open up, let go and lean in.

With a bow to those who traded sleep for standing outside the White House on behalf of us all.


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