Tonight, I take a moment to read a bit about what is coming forward regarding abuses in the Shambala tradition, the Buddhists that is, the Rinpoche guy whose quotes are accompanied by the lotus flower, and I am tired.

Everywhere. Churches. Halls of Congress. Bedrooms. Boardrooms. Hollywood. Democracies. Dictatorships. Theocracies. You name it and women are abused.

Tell us we are helpmates, supporters, and then when we speak out, tell us that we are not being helpful. So unattractive, really.

When will we be seen? Really seen? Not as objects of attention or distraction or desire, but as living, breathing, human beings right there beside you no matter what we are wearing or how we make a living or what language we speak.

We are the ones who give life. Who carry it, deliver it, sustain and protect it.




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