Men who rape



In light of the PA Grand Jury, the Catholic Church and the systemic license to rape children…

I think on Jesus.

While I do not subscribe to any religion, I recognized early on that he recognized me, like he did all children–and women, and the poor, the sick, the lepers, the prostitutes–in the fullness of our humanity.

While religious organizations and political parties place privileged individuals and institutions above the hearts & lives of the marginalized, he pointed to a deeper truth…

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.”

The universality of that love echoed inside, and so when I later learned that some would go to heaven, and others to hell, I let go of the book of men, while continuing to feel and find that first experience of Divine ordination–everywhere, including the Church, the book, and bodies of water, and the myriad of traditions seeking relationship with the Mystery.

Alas, the patriarchy holds children and women (and all those without the gift of a certain appearance or pocketbook)–as less than.

The current president perpetuates that defilement, rises it up into stark relief for all to see–and for each to decide:

~I will stand aside–or–I will stand against.

~I will say: This is how it is–or–This can no longer be.

~I will look the other way–or–I will, like Jesus, shout in the face of those who dismiss the dignity of all creation.

~I will look down on others (with a false sense of my own specialness & superiority)–or–I will bow down, on my knees, in recognition of our shared humanity.

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