While I almost always vote for Democrats, I don’t think of politics as a team sport.

Outside of gym class, I never played a team sport (unless you count bowling,) and I’m not much of a winner/loser kind of gal, unless it’s Speed Scrabble (and then I can’t play my niece Jamie) or Road Trip Alphabet (and then I play to WIN.)

I don’t watch any sports on television either or follow any teams, unless you count my mandatory attendance at my boys’ events when they were growing up.

I did take them to a few professional games to bring them joy, but I was appalled at the drinking and the commercialism.

In turn, they were appalled that I brought a book. But hey, it was like the bottom of the 6th and it was so boring.

They were even more appalled when I looked up from my book and cheered for the underdogs.

That was the day that I realized my boys would reject their own blood–would turn away from the woman who gave them life, who nursed them for years and tended them when they were sick–all because I cheered for someone other than the Red Sox.

Admittedly, for me, the Democrats are the better team. Not for winning. But for humanity.

I don’t need to vilify others to support my team.

That said, I believe in calling out what needs calling out, and there’s a lot, and it’s growing, and it has nothing to do with opposite sides, and everything to do with:

Team USA
Team Democracy
Team Female
Team Family
Team Human
Team Earth

When I was young, I turned away from politics because I couldn’t relate to it. In my summer resort community, it was all about money and power and mocking any concern beyond the bottom line.

Then I moved to Vermont, where it was more about connection and responsibility and making things work in communities—which of course includes the bottom line, just as any household does.

Despite my focus on consciousness as a lifelong educator, now I turn toward politics at the exclusion of so much else.

I finally understand that politics plays a significant role in how Team Humanity evolves.

If I had to pick, I’d say my favorite team is the United Nations.

Because everyone is on it.


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