cleanse the body politic

Because we are a society of consumers, who revolve around entertainment, both of which are dependent on dollars, Donald J. Trump is President and Hillary Rodham Clinton is boring and annoying.

Because we are a society rampant with addiction (far exceeding substances), our days, like our souls, are depleted by fast, sugary and attention grabbing–heroes, bad guys, adoration and outrage.

Despite the fact that I rid myself of television in the late eighties and began eating locally grown, organic, whole foods in the nineties (both valuable, life-shaping changes), I am also guilty. Not as guilty as finding #45 worthy of attention and admiration, but just as guilty as wanting my political candidates to inspire me like a good film, or to be as engaging as a good book, or as moving as good art and as enriching as say an ethically-diverse meal from one of the amazing food stands at the Farmers Market.

I feel ashamed about this consumer attitude toward candidates. Alarmed. Absurd.

I realize that I have to work a lot harder to know them. To understand their views and their commitments and their capacities. To discern if they are ready and able to serve rather than seize, flaunt and abuse power.

I realize that I don’t deserve to be dazzled, to be informed in a sound byte, to know in an instant so that I can get back to my Netflix series or my shopping list or my meditation cushion.

I realize that I have to devote more time and energy and heart and especially faith to fulfill my obligation as one among many.

I know that I’m not the first person to say these things. I’m just one person, waking up a bit more, to the consequences of one indulgent generation after another, a consequence of comfort and compliance, distraction and disinterest, entitlement and privilege.

Like the teenage child of rich parents, I am not entirely to blame, but I am entirely responsible for the adult I choose to be, even at 55.

We deserve Donald J. Trump. He reflects us. The entertainment. The entitlement. The belittling. The outrage.

Sometimes a cleanse is in order.

Change comes from the inside out.

We know the taste of pure water.

Vote blue until red is healthy again.


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