Motherhood & the Mueller Report

I can’t place it now, but a woman in power said something to the effect that motherhood lent itself to her work in government.

The Mueller Report, just page 1, just the first few sentences, is that point in the relationship between a parent and a teen where it’s obvious that he has a problem and you don’t need to say a thing.

That is unless he continues to refuse responsibility which is a line I’ve never had to cross with my kids. But if one was that far gone, say in addiction or destructive denial or abusive entitlement, it might be time for extreme measures, like sending him to recovery boot camp in Utah simply to keep him alive.

What I can’t figure out is what would be “Utah” for those who elected this leader, or at least for those who still defend him, or perhaps it’s our very Democracy that’s in crisis, at least that’s what the invaders wanted/want us/hope we’ll believe.


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