Grief for the Unborn

If you’re among those who want to see abortion illegal again, like it was when my grandmother, after her 4th child, secured two private procedures, then you have to ask yourself: Why are all these women so adamant about safe & legal abortion?

If you don’t ask yourself this, or if you tell yourself that you love babies more than the mothers fighting for reproductive autonomy, then you are contributing to the further subjugation of women which in turn leaves the planet, the family, and particularly the babies in peril, which is to say: You are fooling yourself. You are fooling yourself about who you are. And you are fooling yourself about what you are protecting.

If however, you understand that you are no different in your love for children than any mother protecting reproductive choice, then you will protect women’s rights and do everything you can to educate and prepare men to cease creating unwanted pregnancies, and everything in your power to be sure bringing a child into this world is exalted and supported instead of shamed as it was for my mother who was sent to an unwed mother’s home to carry a baby to term alone, and then to give her up to another family, and to return home expected never to talk of it again.

Turning women’s bodily sovereignty over to men, again, only serves to perpetuate inequality. Think #METOO. Think elderly women’s poverty. Think children raped by priests, coaches, troop leaders, stepfathers and foster fathers and yes, even everyday fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins. Think of the Pussy Grabber in Chief, shaping the future for your granddaughters.

You cannot be pro-life and anti-human. That is the piety of the privileged. That is the indulgence of your own sorrow, the idolatry of sorrow.

I do not mean to dismiss grief for the unborn, and here I speak only to the most sincere:

You cannot separate the fetus from the woman, and if you do, what good have you done?

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