after hearing roe v. wade news


juniper notebook

I sobbed on the carpet after rittenhouse

I opened the blm website to feed from their rage

“this is not a surprise to us. continue the work.”

was all the writer wrote

none of this is new to history

not even my own history

we were bred to the story of progress

the story breaks your heart over and over

until you recant all stories

instead you study story

dissect it into occult calculus

and write the physics of revolution

what airplanes, what rocket ships could we build from this mathematics?

i am angry

my anger is old

the blood of woman screams from the ancient earth

with no god to avenge her

the fact that i can have this conversation at all

that i can write this poem, and stand it before the world

with a button press

is new

we are new to history

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