Electing A President Without Facts

“How much is the average American willing to struggle to find legitimate sources of information? “


media literacy


“We need media literacy as much as we need to learn to read.”- Jennifer Pozner

“The world will not be a better place when these fact-based news organizations die.  We will be propelled into a culture where facts and opinions will be interchangeable, where lies will become true and where fantasy will be peddled as news. I will lament the loss of traditional news. It will unmoor us from reality.” –Chris Hedges

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I like facts. My Facebook feed is somewhat abnormal in that I have more links to articles and news sources than pictures of my friends’ children or the plate of steamed mussels they ate that day. I consider myself to be media literate. I work hard to find accurate information, so it disturbs me greatly when I find myself fact-checking sources I once deemed credible.

Normally, I criticize mainstream American media news…

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