the potent feminine

Slaughtered by critics, what I really like about this 2009 RomCom, other than its in my go-to genre (and fine, judge me), is the way that the strong masculine (in a woman) can be attracted to a strong feminine (in a man) and how together, they can create a flourishing whole, mirroring my own relationship trajectory.

What is also mirrored for me in The Rebound is the way that motherhood–when surrendered into (eg. from my life: staying at home, nursing, family bed)–can rob a woman of her masculine edge/focus/drive; so that when she reappears on the world stage (so skewed to favor the masculine), she not only lacks confidence, but understanding–of her capacities, newly enriched with the potency of the feminine.

The film also shows how a woman’s development of play during her child-raising years can bear unexpected fruit, and how, when the time comes, another woman might help her make the transition back into her masculine even as she doubts herself, helping her reap & share the harvest of the rich feminine years.

Plus, I’m a swooner for love. Always.

One comment

  1. It is such a rare pleasure to see someone describe simply and clearly some of the complexities in relationships– every which kind — to some degree they exist in EVERY relationship, but are mostly swept under the rug. Gads is it crowded down there. Thanks. I’ve studied a great deal about sex in nature: animals, fish, plants, fungi…you name it—and they are, perhaps even more complex. But that’s why we are too.


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